What Oh What is Casa de Spin?  Casa de Spin is a fun and funky art studio that is different than any other!  Our specialty is SpinArt and we have custom made, GIANT machines that spin full sized artist's canvases, allowing you to create large, awesome abstract designs in paint.  But that's not all we do.  Read on!   

Besides SpinArt, what other types of art events do you offer?  So glad you asked, because Freestyle Spin Paintings are just the tip of our creative iceberg!  We also offer:

  • SpinFusion Paintings:  These are blends of spin and traditional brush techniques.  Simply put, gorgeous.
  • Traditional Brush Paintings:  Our paintings are all new, original and totally fabulous.
  • 3D Paintings:  These are, shall we say, unconventional painting projects.  They pop up on our calendar every now and then.  They're fun and exciting.  Keep a look out for them!  
  • Crafts:  Our array of top-notch crafts appeal to a variety of people.  They all look like something you would buy at a cool craft festival -- they're that good.  Again, keep an eye out for them on our calendar.     

Do you have to be "artsy" to come to Casa de Spin?  No, of course not!  That's the whole point!  Our projects are all designed to eliminate art stress and encourage art success.  Anyone can make our projects!  

   How much does it cost?  What's included?  Our sessions range from about $25 to $40.  Everything you need for your painting/project is included.  We also supply smocks and lot's of smiles.  Plus, we have a comfy lounge for you to take breaks and hang out in.   

Do I need to reserve a spot in advance?  Yes, reserving a spot does just that -- we set aside a seat special for you.    

Will I sit with my friends?  Of course you will!    

What should I wear?  Gotta be honest with you here, don't wear your most special outfit.  We provide smocks and 99.9% of the time no paint gets anywhere it's not supposed to.  Still, it's paint.  

What time should I arrive?  Plan to arrive 5 or 10 minutes early to settle in.  Parking is SUPER EASY.  Street park or use the lot right across the street.  PLEASE don't be late.  Once we start it's not fair to have to back track for late arrivals.  

Is it BYOB?  Sorry, we don't allow BYOB.  We have a cool bar at the studio where you can purchase wine by the glass, soft drinks and light snacks.  Please feel free, however, to bring your own munchies.      

What is your cancellation policy?  We want to be fair to you, to ourselves, and to the people who want to take the class you need to cancel.  So, if you can't make a class and you let us know at least 2 days in advance, we will give you a full refund or store credit, your choice.  If you're a group and can't make it, we need 4 days notice.  On the rare occasion that Casa de Spin has to cancel a class (weather or other emergency) we will get in touch with you by email, call or text -- let us know when you sign up which you prefer.  You will be given a full refund plus $10 off any future class.     

Phone: (516) 654-SPIN
Email:  Sue@CasadeSpin.com
Address:  81 Grand Avenue Massapequa, New York 11758

"Making Stuff Makes You Feel Good!"