Phone: (516) 654-SPIN
Address:  81 Grand Avenue Massapequa, New York 11758


Designed by a master industrial engineer/artist on the west coast and fabricated in a shop in Brooklyn, our giant SpinArt machines were created exclusively for Casa de Spin.  They are beautiful, easy to use machines that create stunning radial designs in paint.  At Casa de Spin, we have two types of SpinArt machines, Motor and Muscle.

Motor Spin Machines

With a controller that lets you determine the exact speed of your spin, a paint formula that encourages maximum slide and blend, and a master spin painter who will demonstrate innovative spin techniques, you are sure to have a blast creating gorgeous spin paintings on our exclusive spin machines.    

Muscle Spin Machines

Designed for kids (but loved by adults as well) these machines are old school in their spin technique.  Hand-cranked, using wheels and belts, they can reach RPMs almost as high as our motor machines!  They are SO MUCH FUN! 

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